About the Site

Writepop is filled with stories about crazed killers, circus freaks, and giant robots. Reading a story here is like losing a finger: you can deal with one or two, but six or more might ruin your life.

The star piece here is the novel “They ate the waitress?” It’s a story about murder, cannibalism, and a drug-addicted detective armed only with his wits and an atomic ray gun.

The humor section contains the only jokes on the Internet that don’t involve pictures of cats or the phrase “I can haz”. If you enjoy text-based humor, or if you hate it and you are a masochist, take a look.

Writepop also has a series of articles on writing tips and technique. It’s just like a full semester English course, but with more casual swearing.

Enjoy your stay, and tell your friends.

About the Author

Writepop is written by Doug Schmidt.  Doug Schmidt is the author of forty-three books, including The Creepy Guy’s Guide to Dating, Does it Count as a Date if She Doesn’t Know I’m There?, and the bestseller I Put the “King” in Stalking. He has also written a 2,000 page book on the best ways to kill cockroaches, the only how-to book that works better when you don’t open it. He lives on a heavily-fortified compound in the wilds of Indiana. Trespassers and members of the media will be shot on sight.