Science Fiction Story Ideas – Part 8: Living In Space

Science Fiction Story Ideas

Living in Space

Building a Better World – Artificial Planets

  • The world’s richest man builds his own artificial planet and moves the headquarters of his company there. When his planet’s gravitational pull begins affecting the earth’s tides, the President of the United States is pressured to take action.
  • Astronauts doing geological surveys discover that the earth’s moon is hollow, and they search for a way inside.
  • Worried about alien invasion, the Earth’s governments collaborate on an ambitious project: the construction of an artificial Decoy Earth.
  • A private corporation makes a settlement on a tiny planet. They drill for ore, and use the ore to make steel panels that they use to expand the size of the planet. They turn the planet inside-out, changing it from a natural world to an artificial world.
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Science Fiction Story Ideas – Part 7: Fantastic Inventions

Science Fiction Story Ideas

Fantastic Inventions


  • Police try out a new nonlethal weapon: the Solipsism Ray – a device that makes you think you’re the only person in the world.
  • Variation – After pepper spray is discovered to be toxic, police try out a new nonlethal weapon: Crippling Self-Doubt Spray.
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Science Fiction Story Ideas – Part 6: Human-like Machines

Science Fiction Story Ideas

Human-Like Machines

Androids and Robots

  • At the robot factory, a Robot Prison Guard accidentally gets mixed in with the Love Bots and sent to a lonely, single man.
  • A woman gets lost, and finds herself in a nursery staffed only by robots. Try as she might, she can’t convince the machines that she isn’t two years old.
  • An engineer working for a landscaping service designs a gigantic, robotic wood chipper. The robot is equipped with a vacuum, and it is powerful enough to suck up an entire tree and instantly turn it to dust. The military discovers his robot, and decides it would be more useful as a weapon…
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Science Fiction Story Ideas – Part 5: Faster Than Light

Science Fiction Story Ideas

Space Exploration – Faster than light

When a message in a bottle just won’t do – FTL Communication

  • Earthlings on different planets have no way to send FTL messages to communicate with each other. An explorer discovers a planet populated by beings that can traverse the universe in the blink of an eye: angels. If only they could be forced to work as messengers…
  • In the future, telepaths provide the only way to send faster than light messages across the vastness of space. Anyone with the gift is forced to work for the Government Office of Interplanetary Communication, but one young girl rebels…
  • The population of earth spreads out to a wide variety of different planets. Unfortunately, they have no way of communicating with each other at faster than the speed of light, and it takes years to send messages between planets. Until one day, when a research company develops a time machine. To send a message to another planet “instantly,” they just send it back in time before it was ever written.
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Science Fiction Story Ideas – Part 4: DNA

Science Fiction Story Ideas


Genetic engineering

  • A pregnant couple decides that they want their little angel to look the part – a little genetic tampering gives them an infant with wings
  • After exploring the far reaches of the universe, humans discover very few earth-like planets. Scientists try to create new breeds of humans that can survive in inhospitable planets
  • Omicron Unlimited offers prospective parents an invaluable service: by genetically altering their embryos, the company can insure that their children will be intelligent, attractive, and healthy. Twenty years later, the genetically-altered children are ready to have children of their own. However, there is a problem: Omicron Unlimited owns their DNA. They have to purchase the right to reproduce.
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Science Fiction Story Ideas – Part 3: Strange Changes

Science Fiction Story Ideas

Physical Changes

Body Swapping

  • A scientist drags his aging, abusive wife into his lab and turns her into his ex, his highschool sweetheart
  • The world’s newest billionaire is the CEO of Rent-a-Body, a service that allows people to become someone else for a day.
  • The latest diet craze involves kidnapping skinny people and switching your brain with theirs.
  • A talented, female surgeon is assigned her first sex reassignment surgery. She botches the operation and is sued. The judge declares that, as she cost her patient his chance at a female body, she will have to sacrifice her own to him.
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Science Fiction Story Ideas – Part 2: Apocalypses or Worldwide Disasters

Science Fiction Story Ideas

Apocalypses or Worldwide Disasters

Agricultural or Environmental Disasters

  • After years of being genetically altered by scientists, corn, beans, apples, and other crops evolve sentience – humans wonder “what are we supposed to eat now?”
  • The world is in dire straits after the latest batch of genetically engineered potatoes is discovered to be highly explosive.
  • A botanist’s experiments with Venus flytraps leads to disaster when the plants begin spreading like weeds, and growing large enough to eat a human being.
  • After dozens of volcanoes erupt in a single day, the sky is blotted out by volcanic ash. With no sunlight, the earth begins to freeze.
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Science Fiction Story Ideas – Part 1: Aliens

Science Fiction Story Ideas


Alien Invasion – Aliens invade the earth…

  • But it’s the year 3,000 and our technology is far superior to theirs.
  • The aliens are alcoholics and are here to steal earth’s beer.
  • They land in the ocean and conquer the dolphins.
  • Aliens visit the earth, and the first person they encounter is a six-year-old girl. Due to a strange quirk of their culture, they decide that the girl is the rightful ruler of the world. After a brief war with earth’s armies, the girl is put into power.
  • The aliens are made of water vapor, and humans don’t know they’ve been invaded
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