Holding Back The Dark

Three little girls, each smiling so sweetly,
All brushed their teeth and combed their hair neatly
They crawled into their beds and said goodnight
And then their dear mother turned out the light

It was Mommy and Daddy’s monthly date
Dinner and dancing would keep them out late
So they called a school girl with bright red hair
To watch the kids while they wouldn’t be there

The sitter said “Goodbye, go have a ball!”
And went to the kitchen to make a call
She ordered pizza, two extra larges
And headed off to check on her charges

But in the girls’ bedroom, something was wrong
The smell of sulfur, a strange, whispered song,
The girls snapped upright and threw back the sheets
Now was the time to stop being so sweet

They leaped out of bed and grabbed the sitter
Pulled out her hair and hit her and hit her
They tied her with ropes and dragged her upstairs
And chained her to an old, broken chair

The three little girls played a wicked game
Calling things from afar that have no name
Standing in the attic, they drew a star,
A nine-horned goat, and a woman with scars

They summoned a creature with their dark curse
That holds back the edge of the universe
A wall between us and our unknown fears
Keeping out the ones that ache to be here

The attic walls vanished, darkness crawled in
A thing with knives living under its skin
A sound like wind, and vast wings being spread
The girls gave a name to this nameless dread

“It’s not time for bed, and not time for tea,
It’s time to join Mother Eternity
Mother dwells in between her world and ours
And holds back the things from beyond the stars

“Don’t act so frightened, you little coward
Now it’s time for you to be devoured
I’m glad it will be you instead of me
Dying for our Mother Eternity”

The girls grabbed her throat and long knives slit her
And silenced the screams of their poor sitter
And the creature dragged her to a new place
Outside of time, and beyond all of space

It tore her flesh with teeth without number
And retired for another year’s slumber
Until the girls would stop acting so nice
And bring it a new sitter sacrifice

23 Responses to “Holding Back The Dark”

  1. Awesome! 😀 The fact that it rhymes just made it seem creepier. O.o

  2. I know right!

  3. Wow, this gave me the creeps. So horrifying, I’m so glad that I wasn’t in such a situation as the babysitter. Does the parents even know what the girls do?? That’s insane! But, it is good for a scary story. ^_^

  4. it also gave me creeps when the knives slit threw the girl.

  5. This is a massively disturbing story, but I quite like it. It isn’t what you’d expect it to be

  6. Okay, dude? This is scary. You‘ve made me scared of good little girls. No, for real. That was S.C.A.R.Y! You‘ve like changed my world view or something. Good piece!

  7. Glad you enjoyed it.

  8. Hi I am eleven and I love horror stories that one was fantastic!

  9. This made my skin crawl… Excellent composition. It reminds me of H.P. Lovecraft with his use of unknown entities. It also reminds me of Stephen King, how sick and twisted the concept is. Fantastic. 5 out of 5 stars.

  10. A comparison to Mr. Lovecraft! High praise indeed! Thank you for the kind words.

  11. This story is just plain creepy.

  12. Great story it give you the creeps its unexpected that the girls would do that great story.



  14. I’m sorry but WHAT’S WITH THE CAPSLOCK

  15. This was really creepy

  16. scary as i just kept rading i hate those gils they seemed so sweet at the begging
    freaky as story

  17. Hi! I’m almost fifteen, and i just took the American Red Cross Babysitting course. should i be worried:)?

  18. no, its just a story. its not like its gonna happen for real,right?
    (looks around)

  19. i just loved it. so unexpected great job. i wish i could write that well

  20. it is not that scary, im 11 years old. i like how you put craft into the writing. it makes it more interesting

  21. Very simple and evil. Good story.

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  23. Man I loved this story I read it at school!!!

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