Dull Science Fiction Novels

Dull Science Fiction Novels

Just because it’s science fiction doesn’t make it exciting. Here, then, are some science fiction novels that are guaranteed to put you to sleep.

  • A Clockwork Orange Julius
  • The Invisible Manager
  • Atlas Shrugged, Sighed, and Wallowed in Regret
  • A Song of Ice and Fire and Wind and Rain and Dirt and Trees and Pine Cones and Waffles and…
  • Ringworld & Other Places to Take Your Fiancé
  • Foundation, Lipstick, Blush, and Empire
  • Stranger in a Strange Land’s End Sweater Vest
  • A Wrinkle in Trousers
  • Fahrenheit 45 and Partly Cloudy
  • Ender’s Game Goes Into Extra Innings
  • Something Wicker This Way Comes
  • Have Spacesuit, Won’t Travel (Also Have Motion Sickness)
  • 2001: A Honda Odyssey
  • The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the New Jersey Turnpike
  • Flowers for Algebra Homework
  • The Moon is a Harsh Mattress (Part 14 of the Napping Astronaut Chronicles)
  • The Stairs My Destination
  • Jurassic Parking Garage
  • Do Androids Dream of Taking Tests in Their Underpants?
  • 1984: The Mondale Campaign
  • I, Robert
  • The Lost World – No, Wait, There It Is. …Well, That Was Easy
  • The Andromeda Stain Remover
  • Journey to the Center of Ohio

Bonus: Dull Scifi Movies!

  • Backgammon To The Future
  • Soylent Chartreuse
  • Brunch of the Living Dead
  • Forbidden Planetarium
  • OboeCop
  • The Months and Months and Months the Earth Stood Still
  • The Fifth Element: Boron

3 Responses to “Dull Science Fiction Novels”

  1. Awesome. How about:

    A Few Feet Under the Sea
    Harry Potter and the Glass of Water
    The Marietta Chronicles
    The Once and Future Insurance Salesman
    The Mote in My Eye

  2. I just stumbled across this while trying to avoid real work and read this post.

    “Something Wicker This Way Comes”

    I thought I was going to die laughing. Thank you.

  3. What about:

    The true meaning of snacktime [the true meaning of smekday]
    slaughterhouse 5- how to farm cattle [slaughterhouse 5]
    the wizard of fuzz [the wizard of oz]
    How to train your dog [or your cat, or groundhog, or octopus] [how to train your dragon]
    Men in black [with pinstripe ties, and blue and red shirts, with gray computers] [MIB]
    gene cycles [genocyber]

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