Firefox 4’s New Features

Firefox 4’s New Features:

  • Customize your browser’s appearance with themes, personas, or cute little hats.
  • Click the “New Tab” button any time you want a soda.
  • Parental Controls limit access to sites that might confuse or enrage your parents, like Fox News.
  • Brows offline any time you like, just by using your imagination!
  • Location-aware browsing means that Firefox will always know where you are, always watching, always waiting.
  • Synchronizes settings across computers, so you can use the same Firefox everywhere, whether you’re surfing the web at a party, on a date, or during your daughter’s wedding.
  • Multi-touch support, for those lonely nights.
  • Protects your privacy by renaming all your bookmarks “NOT PORN”.
  • Improved crash protection, for people who like to watch YouTube while they drive.
  • Control your browsing history with the new “Roofie Mode”, guaranteeing Firefox won’t remember anything you did last night.

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