Severed Head

A woman gets a call from the police. “We found a body, and we think it may be your husband. Does your husband have a mohawk, a glass eye, and two gold teeth?”

She says “Yes.” So, the police call her in to take a look at the body.

When she gets to the police station, the “body” is just a severed head. But, the head has a mohawk, a glass eye, and two gold teeth.

The woman looks at the body and says “That’s not my husband.”

The police officer says, “What do you mean that’s not your husband? You said your husband had a mohawk, a glass eye, and two gold teeth, and so does this guy. How can that not be your husband?”

And the woman says, “He’s too short.”

9 comments on “Severed Head

  1. Hahahaha, this made me laugh! lol

  2. Steve on said:

    Hahah, eww!

  3. Charlea on said:

    I soon as I read last sentence, I burst into fits laughter. That is gross, yet funny!!!

  4. Ha!Lol this made me laugh sooooo hard

  5. Mr. Fluffeh on said:


  6. This was funny I told my family and they all laughed

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