Strange Google searches

Strange things from Google Analytics

Every once in a while, I check Google Analytics to see what people are searching for when they come to my site.   Sometimes it shows me people are looking for my content but can’t find it, sometimes it gives me story ideas, and sometimes… it just creeps me out.

Here are some of the stranger Google searches that brought people to my site:

“Do head injuries give you psychic powers?”

Not so far, but I’ll keep trying!

“Why do businessmen use writing as a means of communication?”

Because it works better than interpretive dance.

“An accident that can cause you to become a shape changer”

What, like falling into a garbage compactor?

“Physical changes to transform from human to wolf”

Well, if you find yourself growing hair in strange places, and your voice becoming a deep growl, you’re probably just hitting puberty.

“Alien disguised as God”

Wait a minute… God parts his hair on the other side!  And God doesn’t have a spaceship! And he doesn’t wear a cowboy hat!

Diaper changing robot story that takes place in the future”

Even in the future, we still have incontinent robots.

“Insect disguised as a human to have sex with him”

Hey, baby, nice thorax!

“Post-apocalyptic gender change”

“It’s the end of the world as we know it, and my boobs feel fine!”

“Boy Forced To Wear Prom Dress”

Dude, renting a tuxedo isn’t that expensive.

“Celebrity Cloning”

Somebody just found a use for that vat of Scarlett Johansson saliva they bought on eBay.

Shrinking sex stories and Shrunken husband stories

I thought most guys wanted to be bigger…


Keep on searching, all you freaks, geeks, and weirdos.  I hope you find what you’re looking for.

5 Responses to “Strange Google searches”

  1. lol – great list of ‘strange google searches’

    the shape changing is my fav! i almost lost it at work.

    ok, love you, bye.

  2. The most disconcerting that I’ve seen on my blog is “mermaid love”

    I think they are in for a disappointment.

  3. What is the sound of one hand falling off?

  4. I forgot the name of this web site so I typed in “story ideas science fiction”, and it was the first on the search! Thanks for being easy to find!

  5. CREEPY!!!!!

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