Things you forgot you did on Saint Patrick’s Day

Things you forgot you did on Saint Patrick’s Day

  • Accusing a Canadian exchange student of being a spy.
  • Visiting a sick friend in the hospital and offering to rent her your kidney.
  • Doing a set at a karaoke bar and, when the audience started booing, thinking the bar was haunted.
  • Buying a taco from a cart on the sidewalk and then spending the next six hours getting sick in the restroom. Or was that the other way around?
  • Starting your own home business: selling orphans through the mail.
  • Losing fifty bucks in a penguin cockfight.
  • Struggling to keep your car above 50 but below 88 to keep it from exploding or traveling through time.
  • Trying your hand at pole dancing and, ten minutes later, being kicked out of the firehouse.
  • Almost getting in a car accident with a cop and then laughing when he asked “Were you trying to rear end me?”
  • Finally, your friends held an intervention. At the end of the night, you asked “So, same time next year?”

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