Science Fiction Story Ideas – Part 10: Monsters

Science Fiction Story Ideas



  • Corporations capture zombies and force them to work retail
  • Every time they eat a human, they get smarter
  • As the zombie menace grows, the government begs the scientific community for solutions. One scientist has an unusual plan: bring back the dinosaurs. One tyrannosaurus rex versus an army of the undead.
  • The members of a cult are rather disappointed by the afterlife: eternity as a flesh-eating zombie
  • The zombies are all former celebrities
  • The government spends decades fighting the zombie menace, but it just gets worse. One day, a telepathic NSA agent discovers something horrifying: the zombies are thinking.
  • Due to a food shortage, the zombies are captured and eaten by the living
  • A tobacco company invents a new cigarette that doesn’t cause cancer or heart disease. It does make you one of the undead, but at least you get to smoke…
  • As the number of zombies grows, the folks in Washington wonder if they should be given the right to vote.
  • When the government goes to war with a tiny, Middle Eastern country, the soldiers run into a little problem: no matter how many times they shoot the enemy, they keep getting back up.
  • A pet store is exposed to chemical weapons, killing the animals inside. The shop clerk is frightened to find that the animals don’t know they’re dead…
  • A woman is forced to give up her baby for adoption. Twenty years later, her son sets off in search of his birth mother. Unfortunately, he’s been dead for six months…
  • Radiation brings the figures at a wax museum to life, and they menace the surrounding town. Things get much worse when the wax figures discover that covering corpses in wax brings them to life, as well.
  • An actor in a low-budget zombie movie discovers that his costars are actual zombies being controlled by the director.


  • Vampirism is the latest sexually transmitted disease
  • During the Vietnam War, the U.S. military releases vampires into enemy territory
  • Vampires have their own religion – if you convert, you become one.
  • Vampirism is spread by infected leeches, making surfing and partying at the beach a very dangerous lifestyle.
  • When a vampire is elected to Congress, he introduces some very controversial legislation…
  • An immense spaceship hovers over New York, blocking out the sun. The town’s undead residents take advantage of their day of darkness.
  • A vampire sneaks on board a spaceship bound for the new colonies on Mars.
  • At a highschool in a wealthy suburb, the “cool kids” are known to be vampires. When a shy, awkward girl wants to join their clique, she has to go through a very painful initiation.
  • At a hospital, a nurse is attacked by a vampire, turned into one of the living dead. She cleans herself up and returns to her job in the maternity ward…
  • A man visits a brothel with an unusual question: would any of the girls let him drink their blood?
  • A teenager becomes a vampire, which stops him from aging. A few years later, the neighbors are wondering why he doesn’t age, but the vampire refuses to move out of his parents’ house.
  • In the age of sexually transmitted diseases, vampires must go to great lengths to make sure their victims are healthy.
  • In the distant future, pollution and natural disasters destroy all of earth’s trees. The last remaining vampires celebrate because no wood = no wooden stakes. As the vampire menace spreads, archeologists search for the last of the world’s wood.


  • All women become werewolves for five days each month.
  • The ultra-wealthy keep werewolves as exotic pets.
  • A young couple takes their infant son to a local park, where he is bitten by what they think is just a dog…
  • The werewolves are mistaken for dogs and accidentally sold at a pet store.
  • The story of the photographer for “Sexy Werewolves Monthly,” a fetish magazine.
  • A new babysitter for an unusual family discovers that the kids can get cranky, especially during a full moon.
  • A few days each month, a werewolf goes from “husband & Dad” to “the family dog.”
  • An astronaut crashes on the Planet of the Werewolves, and it’s mating season.
  • A teenage werewolf suspects that her human boyfriend is cheating on her every full moon.
  • While walking home through the park, a stripper is bitten by a strange, hairy beast. Twenty-eight days later, she is dancing onstage, and she begins to change.


  • A hunter goes after Bigfoot but ends up falling in love
  • A reporter for a trashy tabloid goes camping, and discovers that the Bigfoot creatures are controlling the government
  • A reporter discovers that the reason no one has caught a Bigfoot is that, like werewolves, they spend most of their lives in human form.
  • A stressed, single mother struggles to hide the fact that her son is half-Bigfoot.
  • The government’s deadliest assassin is a giant man-ape codenamed “Bigfoot.”
  • A teenage girl’s parents are very upset when they meet their daughter’s new boyfriend…
  • Sitting in limbo, a woman waits to be reincarnated. Finally, after years of waiting, she gets to return to earth… as an eight-foot-tall, hairy beast.

Loch Ness Monster

  • A fisherman tries to kill the monster, to get revenge for the death of his wife, a mermaid
  • The Loch Ness Monster is abducted by aliens, and the Air Force heads into space to bring her back.
  • A group of scuba divers searches for the famous monster, and discovers that it is guarding a cave filled with pirate gold.
  • The Loch Ness Monster is caught and cut open. The fishermen discover that the ancient beast is actually a disguised Russian submarine.
  • When the Loch Ness Monster begins eating mermaids, the government wonders which endangered species they should save.
  • A woman visits Scotland, but returns to England without seeing the monster. What she doesn’t realize is that the monster saw her and followed her home.
  • A pet store in Scotland begins selling tiny, adorable lizards. The pets become so popular that they are sold over the internet and shipped all over the world. Months later, shocked parents discover that their children’s pets are growing… and growing… and growing…

Not So Ordinary Animals

  • Dolphins evolve thumbs, develop technology, and fight humans for control of earth
  • Variation – As part of the “war on drugs,” the government arms thousands of sharks with torpedoes, mines, and other weapons, training them to attack drug-carrying boats. However, the sharks have their own ideas…
  • Scientists create three-foot-long mosquitoes; a swarm drains your blood in seconds.
  • A group of monkeys discovers an abandoned cache of hand grenades
  • A high school janitor struggles to defend the school against giant sewer alligators
  • After ants evolve intelligence, humans are faced with a startling revelation: they might not be the dominant species after all.
  • In order to manufacture spider silk for industrial use, scientists genetically engineer gigantic “super spiders.” An industrial spy, looking for valuable information, breaks into the lab. To his horror, he soon finds himself surrounded by spiders the size of office furniture.
  • Scientists genetically engineer cats that stay kittens forever, and dogs that remain puppies. They try to genetically engineer “living teddy bears” from a mix of grizzly and polar bear DNA, and things do not go according to plan…
  • The nation’s beeches become a very dangerous place to be when a madman crossbreeds piranhas and flying fish.
  • When chameleons begin mating with Komodo dragons, a small island is menaced by nearly invisible, ten-foot lizards.
  • Spinochordodes tellinii, a real parasitic worm that can cause the grasshoppers it infects to commit suicide, evolves to the point where it can infect humans. Across the country, news headlines report thousands of suicides via drowning.


  • Only the Secret Society of Fire Fighters knows that seemingly ordinary house fires are caused by Fire Elementals. In order to put out the fires, the fire fighters have to kill them.
  • In order to avoid a blizzard, the mayor of a small town has to sacrifice to the Snow Demons
  • A holy man creates a golem but, as he doesn’t have enough clay, he builds it from biscuit dough
  • A new form of life evolves in the muck of a sewage plant and travels through the water pipes wreaking havoc
  • A small child is unable to sleep, not because of what lurks in the darkness, but because of the darkness itself
  • A cat burglar decides to steal a valuable collection of paintings, but he is soon confronted by the museum’s security system: thirteen hideous, stone gargoyles.
  • A gingerbread man attains sentience, learns to make other gingerbread men, and leads a lynch mob to the local bakery.
  • A bartender, attempting to create the next great cocktail, instead creates a new form of life.
  • A sculptor sells his soul to the devil, asking that his art would outlive him. The sculptor soon discovers that the devil likes to take things literally…
  • A young boy, playing in his back yard, sees one of the neighborhood children suddenly grabbed and devoured – by his mother’s rose bushes. He knows he must destroy them, even if it means being grounded for the rest of the summer.