Science Fiction Story Ideas – Part 17: The Universe (This is the end!)

Science Fiction Story Ideas

The Universe (This Is The End!)

In the Beginning… – Creation (or Recreation) of the Universe

  • A depressed office secretary begins having strange dreams where she is floating over the surface of a planet. She waves oceans into existence, and creates mountains with a thought. She spends her days trapped behind a desk, and at night, she is a goddess.
  • A writer discovers an ancient quill pen alleged to have been used by a cult of devil worshippers to write their unholy scriptures. When he begins to write with the pen, he discovers that the pen has the ability to reshape creation.
  • A powerful, ancient alien falls in love with a human and, in an attempt to win her affections, creates a new universe, just for her.
  • A homeless man sleeping in a subway car is awoken by a police officer who tells him to leave. The homeless man refuses, and tells the police officer that he should be nicer to him because he is god. Of course, the police officer refuses to believe that a homeless man created the universe. The homeless man offers to prove his claims by creating another.
  • A small child is upset when he learns about death and war. He prays to god, and god gives him the opportunity to remake the universe.
  • A writer for a comic book series is confronted by the super hero he created. The hero demands to know why he has to fight a new enemy every week while the writer sits safely at home. The hero takes the writer to the dark universe he created, so he can see what its like to be in constant danger.
  • A young man is convinced that his dreams foretell the future. However, the truth is far stranger than he had imagined. In actuality, his dreams make the future. The world of his dreams is escaping from his mind, and replacing the world of reality. He must stay awake, or his subconscious will remake the world.
  • Astronauts exploring deep space encounter a race of gargantuan, impossibly ancient alien beings. The astronauts study the aliens at a distance, and are soon faced with a horrible truth: the aliens are a type of farmer. They created the universe… as a food source.

This is the End – The End of the Universe

  • An entire microscopic universe evolves in the mold in a college student’s bathtub. Will he listen to his roommate and clean the tub, destroying millions of tiny lives?
  • A depressed office secretary is visited by aliens, who give her a box with a giant red button on top marked “Destroy Universe.” Her first thought is, “Well, at least I wouldn’t have to go to work tomorrow…”
  • A nervous young woman, convinced the universe is only a dream, struggles to stay awake.
  • A man appears before an alien court, charged with the most heinous of crimes: destroying the universe.
  • Astronauts exploring a distant planet meet an ancient man in a stone temple who has been given an important duty: when the universe grows old and tired, he can say the word, and everything begins again.
  • Two magicians have competed for years to perform the bigger, better trick. When one makes an elephant disappear, the other makes three elephants disappear. When one makes the Statue of Liberty disappear, the other makes a skyscraper disappear. Finally, the older and craftier of the two comes up with the one trick that can never be topped: vanishing the entire universe.
  • A woman climbing in the mountains discovers an elderly man reading from an immense, leather-bound story book. The man refuses to speak to her, but just keeps reading. As she listens to the story, she begins to realize that the book is the story of everything in the universe. Terrified, she wonders what would happen if the man ever stopped reading.
  • Astronauts exploring a distant region of space discover a group of strange, blue-skinned creatures that are erasing the very fabric of the universe.

Pocket Universes – One Universe within Another

  • An inventor announces that he has discovered a source of free energy: a battery that never runs out of power. A reporter investigating his claims steals one of the batteries, taking it back to his home to study. He finds that the battery contains a miniature universe, and the power is drawn from the life source of the entities inside.
  • A scientist develops a pocket universe and uses it to trap invaders from Mars. As he captures the last of the Martians, he is trapped himself. His distraught wife searches for a way to set him free without releasing the aliens.
  • A scientist develops a shrinking device and reduces himself to sub-microscopic size. He finds an entire universe in a drop of liquid on the floor of his lab. When he returns to normal size, he discovers that the miniscule galaxy is located in a single drop of his own sweat.
  • Variation – A man develops a shrinking device and has a series of adventures. Soon, he begins to wonder where his extra mass goes when he shrinks. He discovers that the inner core of his shrinking device contains a minute galaxy that serves as temporary storage. He decides to risk his life by making himself small enough to visit the new universe.
  • Another variation – A man develops a shrinking device and has a series of adventures. Soon, he begins to wonder where his extra mass goes when he shrinks. While shrunk, he discovers that the inner core of his shrinking device contains a minute galaxy that serves as temporary storage. If he returns to his original size, the miniature universe will be drained of energy and destroyed, ending trillions of lives.
  • In an attempt to study the Big Bang, a group of scientists accidentally recreate it, on a microscopic scale. When the microscopic universe begins to grow, the scientists are faced with a choice: save their own universe, or destroy another?
  • A magician performing at a child’s birthday party pulls a rabbit from his black top hat, only to be greeted with boos and catcalls. He decides that, if a rabbit can come from inside the hat, the children can take its place.
  • A scientist working for a shipping company invents “2D space,” a two-dimensional pocket universe where anything can be stored without taking up any space in the real world. When he accidentally falls into 2D space, he encounters an incomprehensible race of two dimensional beings that, apparently, he brought to life.
  • Variation – Attempting to design an escape-proof prison, a scientist invents “2D space.” A group of prisoners on death row volunteer to be the first to be incarcerated in 2D space, in exchange for their sentences being reduced to forty years imprisonment. Soon, the prisoners discover that 2D space is not as empty as they were promised…
  • An ill woman goes to the doctor and is told that she has a parasite. The parasite is not a single organism; a miniature universe is growing inside of her and drawing strength from her very body.
  • After a long day’s work, an exterminator heads into his back yard to relax in the hammock. Hours later, he wakes up covered in ants. The tiny bugs use their shrink ray to bring him down into their ant hill, and the dark world just under our feet.
  • A teenage boy discovers that he can access “blankspace,” an entirely empty universe contained between the molecules of his own body. With the ability to instantly transport anything to blankspace, he decides to become the world’s greatest shoplifter.
  • A superhero and his arch-enemy discover that their universe is actually a comic book. As long as the comic book series runs, they will fight each other, and neither side can have a decisive victory. The only way either side can win is if they both escape into the real world.
  • A young mother discovers a strange toy in her infant son’s crib. She asks her husband, her mother, the babysitter, but no one admits to having bought the toy. Just as she is about to give up on the mystery, it happens again. She decides to set up a video camera at her son’s crib. When she reviews the tapes later, she sees something absolutely horrifying: a man’s hand appears from under her son’s blankets…
  • An alien race is nearly destroyed by a dangerous, alien serial killer. They decide to imprison him in a pocket universe. In case he ever finds his way out, they decide to hide the pocket universe on an insignificant, blue planet called Earth.
  • A geologist discovers a jewel containing a pocket universe. Inside this gem, time stops. When his wife is diagnosed with inoperable cancer, he is faced with a choice: watch his wife die, and lose her forever, or place her in the gem, where she will be frozen and immortal?