Science Fiction Story Ideas – Part 6: Human-like Machines

Science Fiction Story Ideas

Human-Like Machines

Androids and Robots

  • At the robot factory, a Robot Prison Guard accidentally gets mixed in with the Love Bots and sent to a lonely, single man.
  • A woman gets lost, and finds herself in a nursery staffed only by robots. Try as she might, she can’t convince the machines that she isn’t two years old.
  • An engineer working for a landscaping service designs a gigantic, robotic wood chipper. The robot is equipped with a vacuum, and it is powerful enough to suck up an entire tree and instantly turn it to dust. The military discovers his robot, and decides it would be more useful as a weapon…
  • After the invention of highly intelligent, human-like robots, humans can “subcontract” their jobs to robots. Their job is performed by the robot, and the robot takes ten percent of their pay. As the system grows in popularity, the government runs into a problem: the robots refuse to pay taxes.
  • An engineer designs tiny, robotic insects. The mechanical marvels can use raw materials from the world around them to build duplicates of themselves. He releases thousands of them into the city, where they infest homes and offices. The insects destroy computers, stereo systems, refrigerators, anything they can find, reproducing exponentially. The engineer sends an email to the mayor saying that, unless he is paid one hundred million dollars, the insects will destroy the city.
  • A confused man falls in love with a beautiful actress and gradually becomes obsessed with her. He discovers that she is actually a robot owned and operated by the film studio. Desperate, he steals the robot and kidnaps the real actor who controls her.
  • The robot police force guarding New York City decides that the real source of crime is money. They begin robbing banks and hiding the money where it can never hurt another human again.
  • A man buys a new Love Bot from a strange door-to-door salesman. The robot is a perfect facsimile of a 25-year-old woman. After the robot is exposed to water, it begins to malfunction, behaving like a 21-year-old, an 18-year-old, a 16-year-old…
  • Variation – A man buys a Love Bot and a robotic dog from a strange door-to-door salesman. After being exposed to water, both robots begin to malfunction. When the salesman shows up again, he shows the man how to remove the robots’ computer brains and repair them. The salesman disappears, and the man suddenly realizes that he can’t remember which brain is which.
  • Another variation – A man buys a Love Bot and a robotic dog from a strange door-to-door salesman. Every night, he plugs the robots into his laptop and works on their programming, attempting to make them behave exactly the way he desires. Unfortunately, a computer virus mixes the two files, sending bits of one robot’s programming to the other.
  • A computer programmer searches for the cause of a most unusual malfunction: robots finding religion.
  • Variation – The story of the first human to convert to the Robot Church.
  • After the United Nations outlaws nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, the military develops a new way to destroy cities: thousand-foot robots.
  • The parents of a young genius are killed in a plane crash. To avoid being sent to live with his grandparents, the boy builds robotic duplicates of his mother and father and tries to convince the world that his parents are still alive.
  • A country without an air force defends itself with bomb-filled androids. The androids are identical to human beings, and can sneak into an enemy city undetected. If you suspect someone is a robot bomb, the only way to know for sure is to cut him open…
  • A company develops robot babies and rents them to couples who aren’t sure if they are ready for children.
  • The preacher at a small church watches his congregation get smaller and smaller. He decides that he can use modern technology to help restore their faith… by building a robot devil.
  • Scientists develop robots to care for the disabled and infirm. The robots can feed, bathe, and even carry a full-grown human. As the robots become more affordable, even healthy adults buy them. Soon, the entire country is full of adults being cared for by robot nannies.
  • When a dictator threatens to destroy America with nuclear weapons, America’s leaders retreat into an underground bunker. So the citizens won’t panic, they have themselves replaced with robotic replicas. If the CIA manages to assassinate the dictator, they can come back to the surface and return to their jobs. However, before they can do so, the robots are discovered by a janitor…
  • A lonely scientist builds himself a robotic girlfriend. Unfortunately, the robot woman malfunctions and attempts to kill him. He is forced to destroy it with a golf club. A neighbor sees the horrible scene and thinks it’s a murder.
  • A lonely man purchases a robotic girlfriend and, ashamed, attempts to keep it a secret. When his friends discover his secret, they reveal that each of their girlfriends is a robot, as well. As they discover more and more robot women, they start to wonder where all the real women have gone.

Thinking Computers and Artificial Intelligence

  • A man struggles to keep his A.I. girlfriend from discovering she’s not real
  • Computer programmers develop an A.I. to serve as a virtual conscience for political leaders.
  • A group of computer programmers create a new game called Real Life. Players can create characters and guide them through all the events of a real life, like going to school, getting a job, finding a mate, and so on. After one of the programmers leaves the game on for several weeks, he discovers that the computer characters have their own ideas about how their lives should be run.
  • A girl discovers that her online boyfriend is actually her own computer
  • Parents buy AI toys to raise their children for them
  • A toy company’s new product is an A.I. “imaginary friend” that only children can see.
  • A toy company creates a computer simulation of a child to test their new products. The AI decides to sneak onto the internet and have a little fun.
  • Variation – A toy company creates a computer simulation of a child to test their new products. Their latest line of toys fails, so they decide to sell the simulated child to childless couples.
  • Another variation – A young child discovers that he is actually a prototype AI, a simulation of a child, and the people he thought of as his parents are actually computer programmers.
  • An AI creates a computer-generated simulation of a world where a scientist creates an AI who creates a computer-generated world where a scientist creates an AI…
  • A sitcom star with delusions of grandeur is shocked to find that she has been replaced by a holographic AI actor.
  • A team of computer programmers is working on the greatest horror-themed video game the world has ever seen. One team works on the final boss, an A.I. programmed to think and act like Satan. However, the virtual Devil ends up being a little more realistic than they had planned.
  • In the near future, all television programs are generated by a powerful AI. Each television set has a camera, so that the AI can watch its audience. If you seem bored or inattentive, the program changes. Storylines shift, becoming more violent and obscene, until you just can’t look away.