Science Fiction Story Ideas – Part 8: Living In Space

Science Fiction Story Ideas

Living in Space

Building a Better World – Artificial Planets

  • The world’s richest man builds his own artificial planet and moves the headquarters of his company there. When his planet’s gravitational pull begins affecting the earth’s tides, the President of the United States is pressured to take action.
  • Astronauts doing geological surveys discover that the earth’s moon is hollow, and they search for a way inside.
  • Worried about alien invasion, the Earth’s governments collaborate on an ambitious project: the construction of an artificial Decoy Earth.
  • A private corporation makes a settlement on a tiny planet. They drill for ore, and use the ore to make steel panels that they use to expand the size of the planet. They turn the planet inside-out, changing it from a natural world to an artificial world.
  • Humans settle on a planet and build a civilization. Thousands of years later, the planet begins to leave its orbit and travel to another solar system. Humans discover that the planet is artificial, and the most dangerous weapon in the universe.
  • A group of college students discovers that the earth is hollow, and the inside is a colossal nightclub.
  • Astronauts exploring distant space encounter an artificial planet. It is entirely made of glass, like one colossal marble. As amazing as this is, it doesn’t even compare to the creatures that made it.
  • Colonists looking for a new, earth-like planet stumble upon an artificial world, and it looks suspiciously like a colossal computer
  • After earth is unable to find a nearby earth-like planet for new colonies, the Space Exploration Corporation decides to build one of their own. They build the planet with a world-wide security system to watch all of the colonists twenty-four hours a day.
  • The Space Exploration Corporation invites humans to come to its new, artificial planet where everything is free. After a few years, the colonists start to notice people vanishing, which the SEC blames on alien abductions. But one colonist discovers that the planet is hollow, and the missing colonists have fallen through trap doors and landed inside.
  • Astronauts encounter an artificial, alien planet. The artificial planet captures spaceships and strips them for parts, adding the parts to itself and growing larger.
  • The universe’s most powerful weapon is an artificial planet that can be flown into new solar systems. The planet has no weapons, but it doesn’t need any. The planet’s added gravitational pull causes earthquakes, hurricanes, tidal waves, and other natural disasters on the attacked worlds.
  • Astronauts discover a bizarre alien world. The planet appears to be made of black plastic. One hemisphere is covered in a colossal number eight.
  • A global corporation constructs an artificial planet that is like earth, but without any natural disasters, pollution, or other common earth problems. The governments of earth are soon faced with a difficult problem: how to keep earth from becoming a planet-sized ghost town.

The Hills Are Alive – Living Planets

  • Astronauts traveling to a new planet keep vanishing. A group of scientists travels out to investigate, and discovers the cause: the planet has been eating them.
  • Variation – Earth colonizes a new planet, but the government keeps a dark secret: the planet is alive, and they must sacrifice a few special humans to keep it from devouring all of them.
  • A living planet realizes that it is in the path of an oncoming asteroid. It must find a way to save the people living on its surface or risk eternal loneliness.
  • A living asteroid falls in love with a spaceship full of traveling colonists.
  • After years of having humans land on it and erect buildings and digging holes, Gaznaxx the Living Planet decides to put an end to his torment. He decides to cut off the supply of humans at the source: earth.
  • Humans declare war on an alien world, but the aliens are unafraid. The aliens pray to their god, the planet itself.
  • Variation – Humans discover a distant, alien world. When some of the aliens vanish, they seem unconcerned. They explain to the humans that the planet is alive and needs to eat them for food. The humans decide that they will take the aliens to a new world, where they won’t be eaten, but the aliens refuse to leave and abandon their “god.”
  • Astronauts exploring a distant world encounter a strange mystery: all of the aliens are male. Soon they discover the solution: the only female on the planet is the planet itself. A living planet is both mother and wife to them all.

What Astronauts Listen to on Their Radios – Space Stations

  • The story of earth’s first space station to be recognized as an independent nation
  • After the solar system is colonized by earth, there are a number of space stations around every world. One of those space stations is Dirty Joe’s, an illegal casino and strip club.
  • A man becomes trapped on earth’s first space station, and decides to use the station’s broadcasting equipment to become the most famous DJ in the world.
  • A group of astronauts on earth’s first space station are visited by what appear to be alien prostitutes.
  • In order to create artificial gravity for a space station, a scientist creates a miniature black hole to be kept at its center. Of course, the new technology is not without its dangers…
  • Ten astronauts are performing experiments on a space station when their home country is destroyed by sudden war. The astronauts, trapped in space, begin to lust after Rose, the only female of the crew.
  • As the space tourism industry grows, more and more hotels are built in orbit around the earth. Aliens decide that taking entire space stations is easier than abducting humans one at a time.
  • An asteroid strikes an orbiting hotel, knocking it into space. The space tourists are distraught to discover that no one is coming to rescue them.
  • Pirates construct a space station and drag it into orbit around the planet mars. The space station grabs incoming ships of new colonists and strips the ships for parts and sells the colonists into slavery.
  • Aliens from an overpopulated planet buy the right to build space stations in orbit around the earth. The space stations are the size of cities, and filled with alien colonists. As the aliens build, it looks like the planet may soon be sealed away behind a solid layer of space stations, and humans will be unable to leave the planet.
  • When the space tourism industry becomes big business, entrepreneurs construct an orbiting stadium for the world’s first zero gravity sport: rocket ball.
  • Earth’s most dangerous criminals are trapped in an orbiting prison. That is, until they find a way to escape…
  • Orbiting the earth is a gigantic, floating city called Eden II. Millions of people live, work, and play there every day. One morning, a man discovers that he’s alone in the city. Everyone has simply disappeared. He gets on the radio and tries to contact earth, but there is no response…
  • Secretly, earth has run out of space for landfills. A corporate executive decides to create the world’s first orbiting garbage dump.

More than Just Space Pirates – Crime in Space

  • When a tourist on an intergalactic voyage is murdered, the killer has all of space to hide the body. The ship’s detective must go to great lengths to find the evidence.
  • A group of space pirates makes a great living capturing spaceships and selling the colonists into slavery on a distant, alien world. But when the pirate captain discovers the aliens have kidnapped his wife and daughter, he realizes he must rescue the very criminals he helped to imprison.
  • Intergalactic smugglers are constantly harassed by the Alliance Police but, somehow, contraband keeps getting through. After a new emperor comes to power, the smugglers face a new challenge: telepathic boarder guards.
  • When Earth’s political figures travel between worlds, they do so in a convoy of ships. The politicians travel in a small, inconspicuous craft. The biggest craft is actually the home of Jack Royal, Galactic Decoy.
  • A man heads back to his planet after a long vacation, only to discover that his home world simply isn’t there. The planet has been stolen.
  • An insurance company’s investigators search for the answer to a strange mystery: a team of space pirates is attacking merchant ships, but they leave their valuable cargo alone. Apparently, they are only interested in the ship’s office supplies.
  • A gang of intergalactic pirates tracks down a ship full of diamonds. When the ship flies into an asteroid field, the pirates must make a difficult choice: follow, and risk being destroyed by asteroids, or abandon the hunt, and not have enough money for fuel to get back home.
  • An explorer discovers a new, earth-like planet and attempts to claim it for himself. Unfortunately, the planet is occupied. The explorer decides to hide all the evidence of the native aliens’ technology and language, and to convince the Alliance Authorities that the aliens are mere animals.

There’s no place like home – Colonization of Other Planets

  • The planet is the only other earth-like planet in the universe, and the inhabitants on earth need it desperately, as earth is about to be destroyed by an asteroid. However, one of the astronauts is a suspected murderer, and wants to keep the location of the planet a secret so he can’t be arrested.
  • They have to figure out if the alien life on the planet is intelligent before they can start colonization. Unfortunately, they have problems trying to communicate with the aliens – the aliens only communicate by telepathy
  • Variation – The aliens only communicate via odor
  • The aliens worship the humans as gods, and bring them sacrifices
  • The astronauts spend months trying to communicate with the aliens, to no avail. Eventually, they discover that the aliens are actually animatronic puppets, and the entire planet is an alien amusement park.
  • At seemingly random moments, the aliens burst into choreographed song and dance numbers. Amazingly, they never do the same one twice.
  • The Stone Age aliens need humanity’s help to fight enemy tribes
  • The aliens are religious, the astronauts convert, bring the religion back to earth
  • An astronaut falls in love with a sentient tree
  • The planet was cleared of intelligent life by war and disease. However, they are not alone: the entire world is haunted.
  • The government wants to start a colony on a new planet. In order to save space on the ship and fuel, scientists genetically engineer a line of six-inch-high people. But some of the tiny people want to stay on earth, and escape the lab…
  • After finding what they think is an empty world and building colonies, humans discover that the planet is occupied with intelligent life. The aliens on the planet are the size of ants and their cities have been being crushed by every human to walk the planet. The miniature aliens develop tiny aircraft and get ready for war against the enormous human invaders.
  • Astronauts make earth’s first contact with intelligent alien life. Unfortunately, the aliens live on an asteroid headed straight for earth.
  • Astronauts discover a distant world filled with humanlike aliens. The alien leader is a strange man in a white robe who lives at the top of a mountain. The astronauts soon begin to wonder: is this the god humanity rejected?
  • Before Earth can colonize a planet, scientists must determine if it contains “sentient” life. Every time an earthlike planet is discovered, the government changes the definition of “sentient” so that the native aliens do not qualify, and their planet can be taken away from them. Eventually, the legal definition of “sentient” is so strict that fifty percent of human beings no longer qualify.

There’s no Place Like Home, but We Can Fix That – Terraforming

Changing a planet’s atmosphere, temperature, and environment to make it like the earth.

  • The corporation in charge of terriforming a new world holds a contest, and the winner gets to design a continent.
  • The story of the man running earth’s terraforming project, and what it’s like for an ordinary human to design mountain ranges and coastlines. He falls in love with a colonist and designs an island shaped like her.
  • Humans spend billions terraforming a planet, then immediately start polluting it, filling it with garbage
  • Humans get to work terraforming Mars. In response, the last surviving Martians decide to Marsaform earth.
  • Variation – A man discovers that pollution is actually caused by aliens who are trying to transform the earth’s environment to be more like their home world.
  • The engineers in charge of a terraforming project attempt to design a planet where war would be impossible.
  • The story of a group of aliens struggling to adapt as earth’s scientists terraform their world.
  • The head of a global corporation tries to convince NASA that the last step of terraforming, making a planet earth-like, is filling the new planet with earth-like stores.
  • Before a new planet can be terraformed, the government must first hide any evidence that it contains intelligent life.
  • Variation – On a new planet, a team of archeologists discovers evidence that the government covered up the existence of intelligent life. When they discover a handful of surviving aliens, they must spread the news to the other colonists before government assassins track them down.

Wars in Space – Humans attack an alien world, and…

  • The president has trouble explaining why he’s attacking a planet of sentient bunnies
  • The planet itself is useless, but the alien inhabitants are made of Blasto, a valuable fuel source
  • Humans discover they were predicted in the aliens’ bible as their apocalypse
  • Earth is nearly out of food, and the aliens taste like coconut shrimp
  • Earth soldiers discover that the planet they are to destroy is heaven, literally
  • The aliens surrender immediately, and allow themselves to be colonized by humans. The male colonists are dismayed to find that earth women prefer the aliens.
  • The aliens are going through the equivalent of earth’s Middle Ages. When the earth ships arrive, they attempt to defend themselves with trebuchets and ballistas.
  • Earth forces are sent to attack an alien world, but never told why. Days after the planet is conquered, the soldiers discover the truth: the planet is actually a colossal egg. It must be destroyed before the beast inside hatches.
  • The humans discover that the aliens are immune to their weapons. All looks lost until one of the soldiers makes an interesting discovery: the aliens are terrified of clowns.
  • The aliens have almost no technology, and they plan to stop the war with meditation and chanting.
  • The aliens are made of glass and one good punch makes them shatter into a thousand pieces.
  • The aliens attempt to bribe the human soldiers into deserting the army. They offer them gold, alien women, free food for life, but nothing seems to work. Finally, one of the aliens discovers what every human really wants…
  • The government of earth sends solders to invade a distant planet but, when the soldiers arrive, they find the planet disserted. Or so they think. Soon, the soldiers are attacked by a vicious enemy that none of them can see.
  • The aliens, their planet, and everything on it are made of soft, foam rubber. Try as they might, the humans can do nothing to hurt them.
  • The aliens resemble gigantic arachnids. Half of the invading ships are caught in colossal spider webs.
  • The human soldiers discover that the planet they are to invade looks exactly like the one they left. Their commanders insist that it’s an alien world and not actually earth, but the soldiers aren’t so sure.
  • Variation – The aliens are telepathic, able to look into the humans’ minds and memories. The aliens transform themselves into duplicates of the humans’ families and friends. The human soldiers know they must follow their orders but, to do so, they must kill what appear to be their own children.