Science Fiction Story Ideas – Part 4: DNA

Science Fiction Story Ideas


Genetic engineering

  • A pregnant couple decides that they want their little angel to look the part – a little genetic tampering gives them an infant with wings
  • After exploring the far reaches of the universe, humans discover very few earth-like planets. Scientists try to create new breeds of humans that can survive in inhospitable planets
  • Omicron Unlimited offers prospective parents an invaluable service: by genetically altering their embryos, the company can insure that their children will be intelligent, attractive, and healthy. Twenty years later, the genetically-altered children are ready to have children of their own. However, there is a problem: Omicron Unlimited owns their DNA. They have to purchase the right to reproduce.
  • Variation: Omicron Unlimited engineers the children with self-destructing genes. They will die on their twenty-first birthdays, unless they pay for special medication. And, of course, the pills are very, very expensive…
  • A medical research company gives an extra boost of intelligence to monkeys, so they can work as servants to humans. Unfortunately, the new line of apes might be a little bit too smart…
  • A group of male scientists works secretly to genetically engineer a line of very beautiful but very unintelligent human females – When their plan is discovered and made public, they receive both support and condemnation.
  • The government, struggling to attract employees for low-level jobs, genetically engineers a new breed of human that are unable to feel boredom.
  • After years of protests by animal rights activists, a meat packing plant genetically engineers a new breed of pigs that slaughter themselves.
  • Genetic experiments with parrots lead to a dramatic increase in their intelligence. The parrots escape the lab and reproduce, becoming as common as sparrows. Eventually, suburbanites cannot leave the house without having insults and criticisms hurled at them from the trees.


  • A man clones his ex-wife over and over, the marriage failing each time
  • A woman cloning her children repeatedly, keeping them as small children forever
  • A lonely man clones himself, but switches the sex chromosomes to “XX”
  • In the future, celebrities have to jealously guard their DNA, lest they be cloned without their permission
  • Variation – Celebrities sell their DNA, so that childless couples could have babies cloned from the stars.
  • Scientists develop a way for humans to be nearly immortal. Older people have their minds loaded into younger clones of themselves. A husband and wife decide to sue after a technical glitch puts them in each other’s bodies
  • Variation – A dying woman is cloned and, when her clone finally turns twenty-one, her mind is loaded into the clone’s brain. Due to a computer glitch, the clone’s mind is not erased. Both minds are trapped together in the same body.
  • A man clones himself and his parents so he can relive his childhood
  • The latest celebrity scandal involves an A-list actor who was caught in bed with his own clone.
  • Frustrated with the way the government is run, a man clones himself enough times that his vote controls every election.
  • After taking part in a strange scientific experiment, a man develops the ability to reproduce asexually like a single-celled organism.
  • The government hires an assassin to kill a scientist who is working on dangerous experiments in genetic engineering. When the assassin arrives at the scientist’s lab, he discovers that the scientist has cloned himself dozens and dozens of times.
  • Afraid of being assassinated by terrorists, the President has himself cloned half a dozen times. He feels much safer at first, but then the clones decide that they want all the political power to themselves.
  • A woman finds her husband in bed with another woman. Oddly, the “other” woman is also her.
  • Variation – A geneticist asks his wife if she would ever consider a threesome. When she agrees, she discovers that the threesome is a little different than she had imagined…


  • A lab accident mixes a veterinarian’s DNA with that of a house cat. When her husband sees her for the first time, he is completely comfortable with her new appearance. Perhaps too comfortable…
  • After being exposed to toxic waste, a handyman sprouts a third arm. At first, the new appendage comes in handy and the man is rather pleased. But then, he sprouts a fourth arm… and a fifth… and a sixth…
  • Variation – Exposure to toxic waste leaves a musician with four extra arms. He gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “one man band.”
  • A mad scientist runs an unusual “dating service.” He kidnaps women from neighboring towns and transforms them into human/animal hybrids. These exotic creatures are sold to wealthy men looking for exotic mates. The business is a success until the scientist changes a beautiful martial arts expert into a half-leopard…
  • A strange mutation in human DNA leads to a new fatal disease: boredom. The instant humans grow tired of life, they die.
  • Before he can purchase medical insurance, a man is forced to undergo a detailed examination. The doctors discover that the man’s blood contains inactive DNA in microscopic “seeds.” The DNA for thousands of extinct animals is pulsing through his veins.


  • A planet where intelligent life evolved from insects. After sex, the women to eat their husbands. The wedding night is hell.
  • Humans are gradually replaced by highly-evolved squirrels
  • Earth sends a sleeper ship to a distant world. Sadly, the ship’s computer malfunctions, only reviving the tubes containing the passenger’s pets. Thousands of years later, the earth develops a faster-than-light spacecraft, sending new colonists into space. They discover that the new world is controlled by the decedents of the passengers’ pets, which have evolved into intelligent bipeds.
  • Variation – A sleeper ship heads off into space for a journey that will last eons. When the ship finally arrives at the new world, the passengers are awakened, and shocked to discover that 1. The ship left earth with a cargo hold full of cockroaches and 2. The cockroaches have evolved intelligence.
  • Variation – A newlywed couple buys what they think is their dream house. However, they soon discover that 1. Their house is infested with cockroaches, 2. Their house is located atop a toxic waste dump, and 3. The cockroaches are evolving.
  • A teenager refuses to invite any of his friends over to his house, and he won’t even tell them where he lives. After arguing about it all summer, one of his friends finds out why: his parents are cavemen.
  • In the Middle Ages, humans split off into two subspecies, one with wings, one without. The winged humans can attack bomb the castles of their enemies from the sky, far out of reach of the non-winged humans’ weapons.
  • Scientists construct the most powerful computer ever build to study human evolution. The computer runs a simulation of the human life on earth, allowing them to see how humans will evolve in the future. What they discover is so horrifying they decide that humanity must be exterminated for its own good.
  • An alien comes to earth with technology that, he claims, can dramatically increase the speed of human evolution. However, the technology creates a new kind of “generation gap,” psychically gifted children who think of their parents as backward cavemen.
  • A group of scientists and politicians believe that humanity is “de-evolving.” They believe that medical care and the ease of modern life has virtually eliminated “survival of the fittest.” In order to insure that only the strongest survive, they develop a plan: bring back the dinosaurs. Only those strong and smart enough to avoid being eaten will reproduce.