Science Fiction Story Ideas – Part 3: Strange Changes

Science Fiction Story Ideas

Physical Changes

Body Swapping

  • A scientist drags his aging, abusive wife into his lab and turns her into his ex, his highschool sweetheart
  • The world’s newest billionaire is the CEO of Rent-a-Body, a service that allows people to become someone else for a day.
  • The latest diet craze involves kidnapping skinny people and switching your brain with theirs.
  • A talented, female surgeon is assigned her first sex reassignment surgery. She botches the operation and is sued. The judge declares that, as she cost her patient his chance at a female body, she will have to sacrifice her own to him.
  • An elderly man, afraid to die, steals his grandson’s body and hides from his kids.
  • A serial killer makes a pact with the devil to avoid the lethal injection: when the time comes for his execution, he can exchange bodies with one of the witnesses. Unfortunately, he does not specify which witness…
  • A young couple visits a marriage counselor who offers them a way to work through their relationship problems: spending two weeks in each other’s skin.
  • When the President of the United States dies on a brain surgeon’s operating table, the surgeon is faced with a choice: admit that he killed the most powerful man on earth, or give him a new brain.
  • A man with the ability to jump from body to body becomes the ultimate hedonist. He takes a body, destroys it with alcohol, food, sex, and drugs, and moves on to the next one.


  • A shrink ray is used on humans as part of the new extreme sport: spider wrestling.
  • The children at an elementary school discover a shrink ray and use it to take over the town.
  • Variation – The wife of an inventor runs a daycare from her home. When the children discover her husband’s shrink ray, they decide that naptime is over.
  • A hospital maternity ward uses a shrink ray on fetuses to make childbirth completely painless. Unfortunately, one out of every hundred kids can’t be re-enlarged
  • The world’s most dangerous industrial spy is also the world’s smallest man. The thief shrinks himself to the size of a mouse and steals prototype microchips from research companies.
  • A Senator proposes an unusual solution to America’s overcrowded prisons: shrinking the prisoners to the size of ants.
  • The government’s secret weapon is an assassin who is only three inches tall. Too small to handle a gun, he has to secretly drop poison pills into his target’s drink.
  • After hearing scratching in the walls, an elderly couple calls an exterminator. The exterminator discovers that the noises are not caused by mice or insects, but by tiny people. There is an entire city behind the drywall.
  • An elderly inventor gives his granddaughter a beautiful dollhouse. When she complains that there are no dolls inside, he shows her how to make some… by shrinking her parents.
  • Variation – When his son and daughter-in-law decide to get divorced, an elderly inventor decides to force them to live together until they work out their differences. He shrinks them down and locks them inside his granddaughter’s dollhouse.


  • After an alien invasion, the earth’s major cities are destroyed and the surviving humans are enslaved. Everything looks bleak until a young girl discovers the alien’s enlarging ray.
  • After the earth beings its terraforming project on a new planet, they need an inexpensive way to shape the new landscape. With the help of an enlarging ray, a team of six giant men set to building mountains and islands and digging rivers.
  • A team of astronauts makes a trip to a distant planet and, after they don’t return, they are presumed lost. Years later, astronomers are astonished as a great mass of stars are blacked out by a colossal object entering the solar system: a man the size of a planet. The captain of the astronauts has survived.
  • The government gets word of a strange terrorist plot. A man who can expand his size is headed for the nation’s capital. If he reaches Washington before they catch him, he’ll grow to a hundred times his normal size and destroy it.
  • A mad scientist with an enlarging ray breaks into a zoo and enlarges all the animals to fifty times their size.
  • A truck carting chemical waste overturns near a pet store. A little girl buying a kitten is horrified when her kitty jumps from her arms and runs to the pool of glowing liquid. Soon, the entire city is in danger from a hundred-foot kitten.
  • An overweight man is given a new weight loss treatment by his doctor. The treatment changes his metabolism so that, instead of growing wider, he grows taller.
  • After a truck shipping radioactive waste overturns on the highway, a nearby preschool is evacuated. An anxious mother comes to pick up her daughter and she is shocked to find that her little girl isn’t so little anymore.

Age Change

  • A rebellious nineteen-year-old refuses to get a job, so her scientist mother makes her too young to need one
  • A politician decides to clean up the homeless in his city by kidnapping them, regressing them back to infancy, and then dropping them off at the local orphanage.
  • Variation – Prospective parents, worried that their future children won’t grow up to be good people (or attractive people, or intelligent people) come to an unusual orphanage – Perspective parents describe their ideal child and orphanage employees look for an adult who matches. The adult is turned into a small child and adopted.
  • Another variation – A thirty-year-old man is paid a visit by the doctor who delivered him when he was born. The doctor informs him that, as the man is a failure as an adult, he has to come back to the hospital to be born again.
  • A boarding school has an unusual policy: fail your classes and you repeat a grade… and repeat a year of your life.
  • The local media ignores strange rumors of vampires controlling their city until the highschool hires a new principal and the seniors start looking like senior citizens.
  • After a scientist invents a rejuvenation pill, depressed and stressed adults return to their childhood to escape the pressures of being an adult. Soon, there is a severe shortage of parents.
  • A newlywed couple, unable to have children, visits a fertility clinic. The doctor announces that there is a problem with the husband’s sperm. Later, the doctor meets with the wife in private and tells her that there may be a way to have the baby she always wanted. Her husband is not too happy with her plan…
  • A new resort becomes very popular with high-stress executives. They travel to a tropical island where they can spend their two weeks vacation as a child
  • The CEO of Fluffy Diapers, Inc. decides that her company would make more money if babies didn’t grow up quite so fast…
  • Three brothers have no memory of their childhoods. They discover that their parents, wishing to avoid the troubles of raising infants, used chemical treatments to “fast forward” them to their teen years.
  • In the distant future, adults have grown to accept the totalitarian government, and only the young are idealistic enough to revolt. If adults attempt a rebellion, government soldiers regress them until they are too young to cause any trouble.
  • A college student develops the ability to control his age. Soon, he decides that he can escape the pressures of academia by returning to his preschool years. His parents try to force him to return to adulthood by throwing him out of the house, but he threatens to call Child Protective Services and have them arrested. They realize that he has the upper hand, and they may be forced to care for him for decades to come.
  • After graduating college, a young man wishes that he did not have to go to work. He gets his wish when he loses consciousness and wakes up in a retirement home.
  • A medical company approaches the government with a plan to eliminate prisons. Instead of criminals being locked away in jail, they could simply be regressed to childhood and re-raised. Unfortunately, even five-year-olds can commit crimes…
  • An eight-year-old girl keeps her favorite possessions in her tree house: her crayons, her tea set, and her book of black magic. One weekend, the girl is left alone with a babysitter. She uses her book of magic spells to regress her babysitter into an infant and keeps her as her living baby “doll.”
  • The government sends an age-changing spy to an orphanage to investigate rumors of abuse. When she is suddenly adopted, she begins to wonder if her adulthood has slipped away for good.
  • A scientist’s new job at a secret government laboratory is incredibly stressful. To help her relax, she uses the lab’s rejuvenation machine and spends her weekends as a teenager. When her coworkers discover her little hobby, they decide to make her too young to reach the controls.
  • A doctor cures his wife’s cancer with a special rejuvenation drug, making her age in reverse. Unfortunately, he can’t make her regression stop.
  • Variation – A young mother is devastated when her teenage son develops cancer. A doctor informs her that an experimental treatment may be able to save his life – by reversing the aging process. After the treatments are over, the mother decides that her son needs a babysitter. As his mind was unaffected, he does not agree, especially since the only babysitter in town is his ex-girlfriend.
  • Another variation – A brilliant scientist is working on a cure for cancer. Strangely, her cure works by reversing the aging process, taking the patients back to before the cancer developed. Late one night, she comes home from work and finds her teenage son selling drugs. She decides to take him to the lab and turn him back to the sweet, little boy he used to be.
  • A thirteen-year-old boy discovers that he used to be a thirty-year-old man. After he committed a brutal murder, he was forced to choose between the death penalty or taking part in an experimental program to reverse the aging process. He was regressed to an infant and re-raised by new parents, and now government agents watch him constantly, waiting to see if he kills again.
  • A dozen astronauts are recruited to take part in a top-secret government program. The government is building the first spaceship designed to travel to distant planets. However, in order to save money and resources, the astronauts will be shrunk. Smaller people will eat less, breathe less, and take up less space. However, the astronauts soon discover that they will not be “shrunk” so much as “regressed”…
  • In the near future, new parents can avoid the stress of diapers and midnight feedings. They can simply take their infants to Timebender’s Daycare. In seven short days, troublesome newborns are transformed into seven-year-old children.
  • In an effort to catch child molesters, the NYPD hires a team of shape-shifting adults to act as bait.

Sex Change

  • A murderer is forced to replace his victim, to live the life she would have lived.
  • A man desperately wants to move to the new colonies on Mars but, unfortunately, the government has already filled the quota for male volunteers. The man talks to a local scientist, who has a strange solution to the problem.
  • A store in the middle of the Nevada desert offers an unusual service: instantaneous, reversible sex changes.
  • While researching the human genome, a brilliant, female scientist discovers a way to have the daughter she always wanted. Her son is not happy with her plan.
  • After losing a bet, a teenage boy is forced to dress as a girl for Halloween. He goes to a thrift store and finds a prom dress that fits perfectly. The dress was owned by a young girl who died before she got to go to prom. The girl’s ghost is shocked to find that the dress is once again filled by a warm body. She decides that, one way or another, she will go to the prom after all.
  • A man is dying of a terminal disease. The doctors inform him that, since his brain is healthy, it can be transplanted into a new body. All they have to do is wait for a donor. Months later, a different patient dies of brain cancer. The patient’s tissue and blood type is a match. Unfortunately, the donor is a woman. The man must choose between death or giving up his gender.
  • As part of an experimental government program, students at a local highschool are forced to take a Gender Aptitude Test. Anyone not scoring high enough in their own gender is reassigned, wither they like it or not.
  • Medical researchers working for plastic surgeons develop a virus that can alter DNA, transforming an average woman into a perfect beauty. Unfortunately, the virus does not die off as quickly as they thought, and the newly beautiful women infect their mates.
  • As a joke, a young man fills out an application for Miss Congeniality’s Charm School. When he is accepted, he decides to continue the joke and shows up for the first day of class. To his horror, he discovers that he will be made into a polite, young lady, whether he likes it or not.
  • A lonely teenage boy is given a magical ring that allows him to become a superhero whenever he puts it on. Unfortunately for him, that superhero is Fantastic Girl.
  • In the eighteenth century, one young woman longs to join the navy and see the world. But, alas, only men may become sailors. She visits her uncle, an early scientist, and explains her problem. After months of work, he produces a potion which, he says, will turn her into a male for thirty day. It works! She takes two dozen bottles of the potion and joins the navy. Three weeks later, her ship strikes a rock and sinks. She and six of the crew are the only survivors. They swim to a nearby island and wait to be rescued. All the extra bottles are at the bottom of the sea. Shuddering in fear, she realizes that, if she can’t recover the bottles, she’ll be the only woman on an island full of sailors.
  • Variation – In the eighteenth century, one young woman longs to join the navy and see the world. But, alas, only men may become sailors. She visits her uncle, an early scientist, and explains her problem. After months of work, he builds a machine which he uses to transform her into a male. After several years at sea, she returns to her uncle’s house so she can be restored, but he has passed away and his equipment has been sold. She searches the city for his machine knowing that, if she can’t find it, she will be stuck as a man forever.
  • Another variation – For generations, all the males in the Smith family have bean sailors. John Smith refuses to join the navy, so his father beats him. The day before his eighteenth birthday, John Smith knows he must do something drastic to avoid being sent out to sea. He visits his uncle, an early scientist, who has the solution: a potion which will turn him into a woman.
  • While searching the internet for information on “mail order brides,” a man comes across an unusual website. Unfortunately, the website is based overseas, and the English translation is very poor. The website asks “Alone in your house? You wish a woman be coming? Select a picture, and you see her face soon.” After placing his order, he does see a new face… in his bathroom mirror.

Human to Animal

  • A young man, obsessed with horror movies, heads into the woods to hunt werewolves. Something jumps out of the bushes and bites him on the leg. The young man is disappointed to discover that he is now a werepoodle.
  • A bankrupt businessman decides to take his own life, jumping from the top of a skyscraper. On the way down, he changes his mind and prays for salvation. The next day, his wife notices a pigeon that seems to be following her…
  • A geeky college student falls in love with a cheerleader. Desperate to get close to her, he convinces his pre-med student friends to switch his brain with that of the cheerleader’s dog.
  • A small child runs away from home and heads for his favorite place: the local zoo. A mad scientist zookeeper offers to let the child stay at the zoo forever.
  • A forest ranger discovers a feral child who was raised by wolves and takes him to an orphanage. Ten years later, the feral boy returns to the woods where his wolf “parents” offer to make him truly a part of their family.
  • A man with the ability to change into animals loses his job. Unable to find new employment, his landlord evicts him. Desperate, he turns to the only place where he knows he can stay for free: the city zoo.
  • A young woman, spying on her boyfriend, sees him change into a wolf. Horrified, she decides that the future of their relationship depends upon one thing: which was he originally? Man or animal?
  • An archeologist who accidentally swallows a fossil gains the ability to change into any dinosaur he likes.

Strange Changes

  • After angering a local witchdoctor, an anthropologist’s body slowly turns to cloth. He must find a cure before he becomes a living doll.
  • A lonely man falls in love with a department store mannequin, and comes to visit “her” every day. When a male mannequin appears next to her in the store window, the man searches for a way to take his place.
  • A woman, obsessed with holographic movies, becomes just like her favorite stars: an intangible projection, a beauty made of light.
  • A homeless man falls asleep in the city park. Waking up the next morning, he finds that his feet are stuck to the ground. He has sprouted roots. Examining his feet, he finds that his ankles are covered in bark. Slowly, painfully, he transforms.
  • An astronaut visiting an alien world contracts a disease that destroys his skin. The alien doctors decide to replace his skin with steel.
  • A beautiful surfer is attacked by sharks and her legs are torn from her body. Bleeding in the water, she is rescued by dolphins, who take her to their secret city at the bottom of the sea. The dolphins explain that their surgeons can save her life, but they can’t replace her legs. The surfer is faced with a choice: return to dry land as a disabled woman or be surgically transformed into a mermaid.
  • A young woman takes a job at Hades’ Ladies, a strange strip club where the performers paint their skin red and wear horns and fake tails. After her first night on the job, she finds that some costumes are impossible to remove…
  • During the gold rush in 1849, a greedy prospector discovers an ancient book on alchemy that describes how to make a chemical mixture that can turn anything into gold. After spilling the potion on himself, the gold-skinned man is hunted by every prospector in California.
  • Four college students rent a large house together. The house, having been built in the 1950’s, has very old-fashioned ideas about who should live inside of it. It wants a traditional nuclear family. Soon, the four students find themselves going through some very strange changes.
  • A strange cult grows in popularity: the Mannequinists. Their slogan: “Stillness is bliss!”
  • A scientist offers his new lab assistant the opportunity to be transformed into a superhero called “Granite Man.” He accepts, and begins learning to use his newfound powers. Unfortunately, he soon discovers that there have been dozens of “Granite Men” before him, and each incarnation of the superhero has been killed… on their first day in the field… by the same villain.
  • In a bizarre accident, a trenchcoat-wearing “flasher” is transformed into an incorporeal hologram. He can flash anyone, and the police are unable to stop him.